The Viki Project


We've often been surprised when children are unable to tell us their birthday. They do not know the month or day, let alone the year of their birth. It is not uncommon for a child to think that they are nine years old, but as we examine their birth documents (as their parents are unable to read them), we find that they are really only eight. Imagine going through life not knowing when you were born!

Recently we visited a family with six children and one on the way. The family is living with some very difficult issues and it became clear to us that getting these children in school for at least part of the day is necessary for their education as well as their well-being.

We began to collect the children's information: names, birth dates, etc. We were shocked as we went to record the oldest daughter's name as not the father, mother, siblings, nor the girl herself could agree on how to spell her name. They could not remember. They all spelled it differently. They had to find her birth documents to find out how they had officially spelled her name. Can you imagine? Yet, this is so common.

Her name is Viki.

She is going into the ninth grade and has already studied more than her mother ever did. In fact, at the age of 16, she is already older than her mother was when Viki was born.

With help, Viki has an opportunity:

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