The Luis Project

Luis has always made us smile with his compassion, eagerness to learn, and great sense of humor.

We would like to share with you Luis in his own words.

We did not ask him to write this, but we are glad that God is giving us the opportunity to be a part of His plan for Luis.

I am a youth with much enthusiasm to continue because God is with me and has not abandoned me at any point in my life. Lamentably, my dad is an alcoholic and is not responsible for household expenses and my mommy who I love very much is doing her best to give us an education, but with so many of us, the money is not enough to educate us and for that reason I ask for your support . Since I am a young man I want to have a future and to be able to help my mother and my brothers who are growing and they need moral and educational support and an example to follow.

May I dare say that with hard work I have studied up to 11th grade, but I have the chance to finish this last year of study. I know if I finish I'll be a great pride for my mother, and that is what would make me happy, to see my mama proud, and that the child she raised is someone in whom she can trust and rely.

I need this scholarship to fulfill my dreams and give a special gift to my lovely mom who struggled with all of us as we are 8 siblings. I promised her I would be a good man and that I would build this house so that she would no longer worry about leaks in the lamina (walls, roof), finish my studies, find useful work, to be able to study and help my brothers.

I give thanks to God for all these blessings that He has given me and all these opportunities. I hope you understand me and help me fulfill this dream and promise that I promised my mother.

May God bless you.

To sponsor Luis for his last year of high school he needs:
  • Registration (by December 15) - $46
  • Uniform - $107
  • Books - $100
  • Internet and Lab Use - $88
  • 1 sponsor at $40 $30/month

If you feel led to help Luis please contact us.