The Alex Project

[Marvin Alexander]

The beginning...

With the recent, violent murder of a young Guatemalan friend, we have been able to see part of the daily life of Guatemala that we had not yet personally experienced -- the loss of life due to random or gang violence. While we rejoice in knowing that our friend is now in the arms of our Savior, free of the struggles of the life he lived in that impoverished country, we are filled with a renewed sense of urgency -- to spread the Gospel to the children and teens who are tempted with evil on a daily basis.

We have been wondering where God would lead us in the coming months. How can we best influence these young kids and who needs the most help?

God lead us to Alex.

Alex exemplifies the urgency we feel. He feels it too.

He is a young boy who is of the ideal age of the recruiting gang leaders. It can happen so fast. Alex already has several of the qualifications that these gangs are looking for. An unstable father. A mother who wants the best for her children, but can barely feed them. Free time spent alone or with siblings. He is looking for love. He clings to you whenever you visit.

What can we do? Give thanks to God for bringing Alex to us just at the right time.

We have the opportunity to give Alex an education where he can learn about being a productive member of his community. He will be in a healthy environment for part of his day. He will receive tutoring two days a week with a meal. He will have shoes that fit his feet. He can dream and will have the opportunity to achieve that dream. He will learn that there is a God who loves him and that this is a life-sustaining love unlike any that he will find in the street.

There are several ways that you can help. Alex needs the following to be able to attend private school in January 2010.
  • Books - $100
  • Daily Uniform - $24
  • Gym Uniform - $22
  • School Supplies - $25
  • 1 sponsor at $30/month
  • 1 sponsor at $30/month
  • 1 pair of boys' tennis shoes size 5
  • 1 pair of boys' black dress shoes (tied) size 5

If you feel moved to be a part of Alex's life please contact us.

Our friend who is now rejoicing in heaven had his life changed, what if just one more life could be changed?

Or two, or three, or four...

Please look for more "Alex Projects" to come. There are so many children in need. May God lead us to them.